Our Story

Bear Soap Company started in 2015 making handmade, organic goat's milk soap. We like things that are non-toxic,  like our soaps. Current scents include Wild Lavender, Orange/Mint, Honeysuckle, Beach, Leather Bar, and Cedar Woods. 

In addition to soap, Bear Soap Co has a growing line of other good smelling products including Bath Bombs and Shower Steamers. We partnered  up with our local buddies KC Beard Co to create our exclusive Bear Soap Beard Oil scent, "Papa Bear". And that's not all!
We also partnered up with Untamed Supply to create 2 exclusive candle scents, "Beach", which matches our soap scent of the same name,  and "Forest".

Hey, we can't stop at just stuff that smells good! Our other products include T-shirts, and hand towels, mugs and even baby bear onesies! Have a look around in our shop and stay tuned for new scents and products!